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Kiante Williams

Youth play mas’ at kids fest

By Admin Wednesday July 17 2013 in News
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The young people were definitely in the Carnival mood last Saturday as they paraded their colourful costumes and proudly waved flags at the second annual Caribana Arts Group (CAG) Flags & Colours Children Festival that started at Driftwood Community Centre and ended at Yorkgate Mall.
With the support of their parents, nearly 250 children and young people from around the city took advantage of the brilliant sunshine to play mas’ and celebrate Caribbean culture.
“This is important, especially for young people,” said former educator, Lennox Farrell. “It gives them something they can build on as a focus. Carnival involves every possible aspect of culture, including music, drumming and dance. If we don’t get our kids involved in these activities, they will find other things to do such as drugs.
“What is happening today is an example of social wealth. Without that, no other wealth is possible. Social wealth is about a community coming together and volunteering to build on the past so that our young people, who are the future, can learn from that. My only concern is that just the women are here with the kids. Where are the men?”
Veteran choreographer, Martin Scott-Pascall, designed the costumes.
“It’s great to see the youth out today having a good time,” he said.
The parade included several of the participants in last November’s Miss Teen International Dance Talent pageant. They included Teen and Junior winners, Nia DeFreitas-Lynch and Reeyana Singh.

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