Jada Morton of Fantasia
Jada Morton of Fantasia

Youngsters play mas’ at Junior Carnival

By Admin Wednesday July 20 2016 in Entertainment
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With their dazzling costumes and youthful exuberance, hundreds of young people took to the streets last Saturday to play mas’ in this year’s Junior Carnival in Malvern.

“It’s great to see the kids so beautifully decorated and having a good time,” said provincial education minister Mitzie Hunter who was raised in Scarborough.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne joined Hunter, Minister of Children & Youth Services Michael Coteau and provincial Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown at the ribbon-cutting ceremony prior to the start of the parade.

“My mother came from Nassau (the Bahamas) capital when she was 13, so I grew up with a deep love of Caribbean culture,” said Wynne whose mother – Patsy O’Day – was a musician. “The music touches something really deep inside of us. There are lots of reasons to celebrate Caribbean culture, there are lots of reasons to celebrate this society that really tries not to leave anybody out. That is what Ontario and Canada culture is all about. We all came from somewhere else except the Indigenous People, so it is our responsibility to celebrate each other and understand each other.”

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