What is TDSB’s plan for Africentric school?

By Admin Wednesday June 20 2012 in Opinion
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Thank you Mr. Auguste for your thoughtful analysis on Thando Hyman-Aman’s re-assignment from the Africentric School in the June 14 Share newspaper.


This raises several questions about the Toronto District School Board’s true intentions.


Despite the slim majority vote by the TDSB to approve the school’s mandate, they ended up with an unquestioned success story that has drawn the acclaim of parents, students, community and educators. The outstanding success did not happen by chance. The success was due to several factors including the principal’s love for the children and her commitment to placing these children’s positive history and heritage at the center of the curriculum.


I recall seeing a crying parent at one of the school’s stage performances, and when questioned, she said that they were ‘joyful tears’ because, for the first time, she saw her son happily and proudly performing at the front of the stage. She went on to say that this would never have happened at his previous school.


The academic achievements of the students are a testament to the teachers’ efforts and commitment to their education, with a curriculum that was not mandated in Europe. Maximizing the students’ potential is a common phrase heard at the school. The students’ performances at various community events have left audiences in awe, due to the message, quality and precision of the performances, all with an Africentric focus.


The students’ parents are walking tall and proud when they state that their children are registered at the Africentric School.


Over 175 students are registered in the school, with a waiting list, despite the TDSB’s initial requirement of 40 students for the school to proceed.


All of the above did not happen by chance. The Africentric School is a ground-breaking effort to address a crisis in the education system where over 40 per cent of our children are failing grade 12.


You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the seeds for failing grade 12 are planted in elementary school. We finally have a major success story that provides our children with a fighting chance to succeed in the European-biased education system. We finally have a winning formula that includes parents, community, teachers and an outstanding principal that has spoken loud, through her actions, commitment and love for the students.


Questions must be asked: why is the TDSB moving forward with this re-assignment despite the school’s incredible success, and also…what is their new plan for the school, the teachers and mainly for the students?


Louis March



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