Representatives of the Jamaica Tourist Board and WestJet welcome the airline to Kingston, Jamaica.
Representatives of the Jamaica Tourist Board and WestJet welcome the airline to Kingston, Jamaica.

WestJet now flying to Kingston, Jamaica

By Admin Saturday May 05 2012 in Caribbean
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KINGSTON, Jamaica: Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Dr. Wykeham McNeill, welcomed one of Canada’s leading airlines, WestJet, to Kingston on Monday as the airline launched its new service for summer 2012 from Toronto.


During a welcome reception held at the Upper Passenger Pier at the Norman Manley International Airport, the minister expressed satisfaction at the introduction of the airline’s new service.


“I am extremely happy that WestJet is now flying into Kingston, as this new service will provide additional seats into the island, and is in-keeping with our goal as a ministry to boost airlift to our destination,” he said.


WestJet, which had 27 flights per week into Montego Bay from Canada at the peak of the winter tourist season, had its inaugural flight from Toronto to Kingston on Monday. The airline plans to fly to Kingston three times per week, providing over 6,000 seats for summer 2012.


Emphasizing the importance of the additional seats to Jamaica at this time, Dr. McNeill mentioned Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence celebrations, which will likely see a greater number of Jamaicans coming to the island.


“We would like as many Jamaicans as possible to come home this year to participate in the celebrations of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence. We also welcome visitors who would like to participate in the historic celebrations as well, and additional airlift will help to make this possible,” the minister said. “We expect to see the greatest number of these persons travelling to Jamaica during the summer, which is why thisnew service is very timely and advantageous.”


Vice President of WestJet, Mark Brown, shed light on why the airline decided to add Kingston to its list of gateways. He said that “the airline views Kingston as a good gateway, warranting the expansion.


“My team and I are happy to be coming here.”


WestJet Airlines Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading passenger airlines and offers service to 71 destinations across North America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1996, the airline has grown steadily and is recognized for pioneering low-cost air travel in Canada.


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