U.S. Second Amendment misunderstood

By Admin Wednesday July 20 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:

The recent killing of three policemen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the wounding of three others by a Black male, has caused many to allege that these intemperate acts were in retaliation for the killing of a Black man by some White Baton Rouge policemen.

But the essential issue is that there is a proliferation of U.S. citizens who believe that they have a Second Amendment Constitutional right to bear arms. I have always contended that the misreading of this article will lead to the wanton acts we are reading about every day. Only the National Rifle Association (NRA) would applaud the undisciplined spread and use of firearms by U.S. citizens. So I would implore U.S. citizens to reject the NRA’s views and carefully re-read the Second Amendment.

I am not a lawyer, but I have read this document many times. It is not difficult to understand. And it was never intended to legitimize the wanton use of firearms.


Thomas F. Massiah

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