Time to consider the NDP

By Admin Wednesday February 27 2013 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:


Regarding the dropping of Margarett Best from the provincial Cabinet, Blacks and people of colour should take a moment to analyze and assess this action.


Our historic support for the Liberal Party has not always been reciprocated. Indeed, it would be argued that, yes, we have been “taken for granted”.


Some of us will remember how the Hon. Jean Augustine was summarily dropped from the federal Cabinet as soon as Paul Martin took office.


Bromely Armstrong will tell you that when he and a group of elders approached “The Rainmaker”, the late Senator Keith Davey in the 80s on the same subject, pointing out that we deserve better treatment because 90 per cent of us vote Liberal, the senator wryly replied “not 90 per cent, 99 per cent”.


This may be a good time to consider the New Democratic Party – both federally and provincially.


What’s to lose.




B. Denham Jolly


Toronto, Ontario.


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