Thousands still without power following storm

By Admin Wednesday October 15 2014 in Caribbean
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HAMILTON: As of press time, more than 8,000 residents remain without electricity as Bermuda continues to recover from Tropical Storm Fay, which battered the island over the weekend.


Premier Michael Dunkley said there were no fatalities. However, 10 minor injuries were reported.


Fay was powerful enough to dislodge containers at docks in Hamilton and downed trees and power lines all over the island, flooding roads and leaving others clogged or impassable; and many buildings sustained roof damage.


At the L.F. Wade International Airport, some flights were cancelled leaving travellers stranded after the storm tore into the terminal roof, causing extensive flooding as well as damaging radar.


The airport reopened to commercial flights on Sunday evening.


Many schools, including all public schools, were closed on Monday. Government offices were open and while the ferry service was resumed, bus services remained suspended.


A spokesman for Bermuda Maritime Operations (BMO) said there had been eight confirmed cases of boats breaking their moorings and there were many more likely not yet reported.


The ferocity of Fay appeared to take many residents by surprise, although the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) had posted a hurricane watch ahead of the storm, which struck before sunrise on Sunday, knocking out power to more than 27,000 Bermuda Electric Light Company (Belco) customers.


Belco reported a dozen utility poles down after the storm.


Spanish Point resident, Charles Rebello, said “all hell broke loose” at his property around 5 a.m. on Sunday.


“I’ve never seen anything like it in my 82 years,” he said. “I thought it was going to be an ordinary wind, but it turned into much more. All kinds of trees were coming down. It’s going to take me weeks to clean it up.”


Fay’s maximum sustained winds were 70 miles per hour, although a BWS station at Commissioner’s Point at the west of the island recorded gusts of 120 mph.


The BWS said that Fay almost landed directly on Bermuda, briefly attaining hurricane status after it had moved away to the island’s northeast.

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