The country not falling apart, says Grenadian PM

By Admin Wednesday May 09 2012 in Caribbean
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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada: This country’s government is not falling apart.


That was the message from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas as he tried to reassure Grenadians in an address to the nation last weekend.


Thomas was keen to let the nation know that his National Democratic Congress (NDC) was not crumbling around him.


Thomas’ address follows on the heels of the resignation by tourism minister, Peter David, an event that the prime minister referred to even as he sought to bring calm.


“Given the turn of events over the past few days, some of you may be wondering about the sustainability of your government after the resignation of MP Peter David as a minister and the associated action by the opposition to pursue a motion of no confidence in Parliament,” Thomas said.


The first-term prime minister sought to downplay the issue by saying that NDC fractures had been “occupying the undue yet understandable attention of our nation… at a time when we should be focusing all our energies on the development tasks at hand.


“I want to assure you that my government remains strong and that we will continue to aggressively pursue our agenda for the creation of jobs and the socio-economic enhancement of our country,” Thomas said.


He also announced the appointment of Dr. George Vincent as a Senator and the new Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture.


Thomas linked the party problems to “strong personalities, personal agendas, irrepressible ambition, immature adventurism, nostalgic ideological resurgence and the inability and resistance to team building”.


Without calling names, Thomas said that members of his party had demonstrated actions and behaviours inconsistent with party values and engaged in “unprofessional conduct, collusion and a demonstrative unwillingness to promote and defend the government’s progress on the part of some were dutifully noticed and pointed out to me by many Grenadians over the last two years”.


“Government is intact and we are working harder than ever to deliver on our commitments.


“The present cabinet has recommitted to the core values and principles of our party and to ensuring that we continue to deliver on our obligations to the people of Grenada,” he said.


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