Steve Bynoe
Steve Bynoe

Teacher releases updated version of book written by his uncle

By Admin Wednesday December 10 2014 in Entertainment
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Steve Bynoe was 12 years old when his uncle, Carl Jackson, published a political thriller, Edge: East Wind in Paradise.


“I read it and loved it because I am a comic book fan, an admirer of James Bond and someone of Barbadian heritage,” said Bynoe. “There was an instant connection as the book contained all of those elements.”


Since the book’s release in 1981, Bynoe has been urging Jackson to produce an updated version.


“It didn’t happen and as I got older, I offered to help him to update the book,” said Bynoe, who is a teacher with the Toronto District School Board. “As it was set in 1981, it was not quite up to modern times. With my uncle’s approval, I took the original novel and updated it to include things like cell phones and e-mails. I just wanted to make it topical and something that young people could relate to. The book brings the original novel into the 21st century without compromising my uncle’s themes, characters and crisp writing style.”


Published through Bynoe’s publishing company, Boeboe Creative Inc., the updated version was recently unveiled at a reception at his family’s Greater Toronto Area residence.


“The book really is about a potential coup with Edge as the central character who works for the bureau which is the Barbados secret service and is dispatched to investigate a potential coup,” said Bynoe, whose late father, Gordon Bynoe, was a National Council of Barbadian Associations in Canada president and founding member of Barbados House Inc. “Edge stumbles across five men that come into a cove and he realizes there is some sort of plot. His duty is to uncover why the men are there and who is behind the plot. The further he digs deeper into what’s going on, the more dangerous it gets.”


A graduate of Oxford University and Ryerson University, Jackson is a retired Foreign Service officer having served in the Caribbean, Europe and Canada. Now resident in Barbados, he was a columnist for the island’s two leading newspapers and the founder of a public relations firm that worked extensively with political parties in Barbados and the eastern Caribbean.


The 130-page book is available through Amazon.



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