T & T offers energy skills training to Antigua & Barbuda

By Admin Wednesday October 01 2014 in Caribbean
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POINT LISAS: Tertiary education and skills training minister, Fazal Karim, has extended the services of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) to Antigua & Barbuda.


Karim gave the feature address at NESC’s orientation ceremony at its Point Lisas campus last week. Celebrating their highest intake in 17 years, NESC has enrolled 1,800 students, of which 84 per cent are male and 16 per cent are female.


Antigua & Barbuda’s Minister of Education and Technology, Michael Browne, accepted Karim’s offer to work collaboratively to build human capacity. Both nations function similarly in the areas of technical/vocational and skills training.


“The offer is definitely what we need,” said Browne. “I accept the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with Trinidad & Tobago.”


His intent is to mirror Trinidad &Tobago’s “innovative policy ideas and harnessing best practices and how to move forward”.


Browne visited Trinidad & Tobago to participate in the second strategy for Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) for CARICOM since 1990.


Karim has further extended the partnership by recommending that students from Antigua & Barbuda be a part of the Point Lisas industrial apprenticeship program (PLIAP). The PLIAP affords NESC graduates over a two-year period with six months of orientation, the opportunity to enter the world of work.


Both ministers indicated that they will look into scholarship opportunities for students from Antigua & Barbuda wishing to participate in the program. Talks are currently being held about the possible establishment of an NESC Chapter in Antigua & Barbuda.


“It signals across the Caribbean that the rest of the world is moving together,” said Browne.

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