King Cosmos (left), Macomere Fifi and Structure with Michelle Lochan (right).
King Cosmos (left), Macomere Fifi and Structure with Michelle Lochan (right).

Stronger social media presence for local calypsonians

By Admin Wednesday October 23 2013 in Entertainment
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Local calypsonians are getting more exposure for their artistic talent.


The inaugural digital promotion awards were presented at the Organization of Calypso Performing Artists (OCPA) annual awards ceremony last Sunday in Scarborough.


Established by entrepreneurs Michelle Lochan and Kelvin Archer, the awards recognize the top three finishers in this year’s calypso monarch competition. They are five-time champion Macomere Fifi, Structure and King Cosmos.


“We have put together a business package for the trio that will enhance their profiles on line and provide them with a stronger social media presence,” said Lochan, the daughter of calypsonian and entertainer Dick Lochan. “The goal is to put them on the right social media platform so they can get the most exposure.”


A 2012 Microskills Entrepreneur of the Year winner, Lochan manages the OCPA Facebook page.


“Ever since the artists’ live music has been put on the page and more information about them added, the hits have skyrocketed,” said Lochan who launched her company – Marketstart – the same night she received her Microskills award. “So we know there is a lot of interest in their music and them as individuals.”


A Carleton University sociology degree graduate and the holder of a marketing management associate degree from Miami Dade College, Lochan was one of three global winners of this year’s Hot Mommas Project which is the world’s largest women’s case study library, providing free online access to stories of diverse female role models and mentors.


Lochan – a single of mother of five who begins her story on a bridge contemplating suicide and ends with a triumphant professional award – will be honoured at George Washington University School of Business. Her story, The Courage to Fly, will be published in a Prentice Hall textbook.


Macomere Fifi, who this year joined Structure and Beginner as the only calypsonians to win five titles, was the recipient of the OCPA Challenge trophy, the Most Original Calypso and the Best Vocal Rendition awards for her presentation, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Carlyle Bailey and Michael “Skel” Redhead, who wrote and arranged the song respectively, captured the Best Composition on a Local Topic, Best Lyrics, Best Melody and Best Arrangement Awards.


“I have to feel what I am presenting and I have to know my audience so that I can present effectively,” said Macomere Fifi who won her first crown on debut in 1998. “Carlyle and Skel allowed me to do that and I am forever grateful to them.”

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