Allan Sommersaul
Allan Sommersaul

Somersall named to stem cell nutrition company’s advisory board

By Admin Thursday October 18 2012 in News
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Kittitian-born Dr. Allan C. Somersall has been appointed to the Board of Stemtech International Inc., a pioneer in the field of stem cell nutrition.


Dr. Somersall is a renowned physician, scientist and gifted speaker. He was born in Sandy Point and now lives in Toronto.


“The creation of our Scientific Advisory Board showcases the high level of dedication we at Stemtech have to continuing clinical research and education related to our ground-breaking products,” said Ray C. Carter, Jr., Stemtech’s co-founder, president and CEO.


“Dr. Somersall will be a key advocate for stem cell nutrition, helping us spread the word regarding the importance of this new paradigm of wellness. Working closely with Christian Drapeau, co-founder and chief science officer, Dr. Somersall and our Scientific Advisory Board will be keys to the next step in the company’s evolution.”


During more than 30 years of practicing family medicine with specialization in ophthalmology and dermatology, Somersall has pursued and studied forward-thinking approaches to natural health as he also developed expertise in writing and lecturing.


“Stem cell science is on the cutting edge of health and medicine today, since adult stem cells have been shown to be the natural renewal process of the body,” said Somersall. “Once I learned that Stemtech’s patented nutritional supplements have been proven to support the effectiveness of the body’s adult stem cells, I knew I wanted to help get this important message out to people everywhere.”


Somersall will be traveling throughout Canada and the United States, speaking on radio and television as well as holding seminars for Stemtech Independent Distributors and members of the public about the importance of stem cell nutrition, which he calls “the state-of-the-art intervention for people to live long and live healthy.”


He is also currently working on a book on stem cell nutrition that will be published in 2013.


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