Shebada and Delcita together
Shebada and Delcita together

Shebada and Delcita together in “The Politicians”

By Admin Wednesday June 20 2012 in Entertainment
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Two of the most dynamic actors from the Caribbean will delight Caribbean comedy enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area over the holiday weekend.


Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay, Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright, and a talented cast of Jamaica’s finest actors will perform in Paul O. Beale’s hit play, “The Politicians” in Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough and Brampton from June 29 to July 2, 2012.


The performance dates are: Friday, June 29 at Don Bosco High School, Saturday, June 30 at Metropolitan Centre in Scarborough, on Sunday, July 1 at McIntyre Performing Arts Centre, Mohawk College Hamilton, and on Monday July 2 at Sperenza Banquet Hall in Brampton.


Ticket prices are: Advance $40: Door $45: Online $36. Visit: for ticket outlets and more information or call 647.787.6612 or 416.668.1094.


“The Politicians” highlights some aspects of Jamaican politics and many social issues with a witty feel to the contentment of ecstatic audiences. The play depicts a capsule of the political arena over the past 50 years and also explores many social issues affecting Jamaicans.


“The Politicians” is humorously written by Paul O. Beale who states: “As a person who is as old as Independent Jamaica, I have seen the politics unfold over the years. I have seen the extremes, I have seen transformations, fundamental legislative changes, and social upheavals that now define the nation. It is with all these ‘wonderful’ experiences that I was able to pen this play.”


Beale, with over 30 years’ experience, has written successful plays such as Granny Rule, The Unda Mi Nose series, The Maama Man Series, Like Father Like Son, Di Driva, Bashment Granny 2, Money Worries, Ova Mi Dead Body, The Plumber, and others.


Thousands of patrons in Jamaica, St. Vincent, Antigua, Georgia, South Florida, Maryland and Connecticut have been delighted with this comedic experience.


The play’s dynamic supporting cast, which includes Johnny Daley, Michael Nicholson, Junior Williams, Abigail Grant, Stacey-Ann Brissett and Patrick Smith, is eager to entertain patrons in the GTA, says a release from the local producers.


To purchase advance tickets to “The Politicians” and to find ticket outlets please visit or email


Torontonians have been asking for Shebada and Delcita on the same ticket, now their wishes have come true. Don’t miss “The Politicians”. This tremendously funny play will keep you laughing all night.


Do you want to vote for Delcita as MP? In her words, “Vote me in mek mi sweep dem out clean.”


Paul O. Beale’s “The Politicians” is presented by DOH Productions Inc.


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