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By Admin Wednesday August 21 2013 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:


RE: Arnold Auguste’s article (‘Government funds for Caribbean festival continue to dry up’, Aug. 15, 2013) continues the blame game to the detriment of our community. Instead of offering any constructive new ideas, encouragement or insight, this article heaps scorn and ridicule on the festival’s management and adds more fuel to the fire that consumes all hope for the future.


It is sad that writers of Mr. Auguste’s calibre choose to offer up no positive suggestions on how the festival’s governance should be improved; just the same old tired analysis of the FMC taking the festival away from the “community”.


What is changing rapidly is the political environment in which the festival competes for funds and the way how arts funding is prioritized by the government and private sectors.


Instead of finding new ways to heal the divisions in the Carnival Arts community, SHARE is sadly contributing to polarization.


Roger Gibbs


Toronto, Ont.

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