Senior citizens’ home receives funds from U.S.-based charity

By Admin Wednesday September 12 2012 in Caribbean
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GINGERLAND: A U.S.-based charitable organization has donated approximately EC$16,876 in medical supplies to the St. George and St. John’s Senior Citizens home in Gingerland.


The supplies were donated from Hospital Sisters Mission in Springfield, USA, through the Development Projects Foundation (DPF), a Nevis-based non-profit organization.


During a ceremony at the St. George and St. John’s Senior Citizens home last week, DPF Director, Myrthlyn Parry, told Chairman of the Home’s Board of Directors, Reverend Cannon Dr. Alson Percival, that her organization was pleased that the Hospital Sisters Mission had responded positively to their request on behalf of the seniors’ home.


“The total cost of the supplies, handling and shipment fees are estimated at around EC$16,876.90,” said Parry. “We thank the Hospital Sisters for coming to our aid. On behalf of the Development Projects Foundation therefore, I take this privilege in handing the supplies over to Dr. Percival hoping that they would be of the greatest assistance to the residents of the home.”


In response, Percival thanked Parry, her organization and the donors for their gift.


“I am very grateful for the work that has been done by Mrs. Parry and her staff,” said Percival. “She didn’t have to do it but of course she did using her good office knowing that she is from Gingerland as well and she has her people at heart.”


Percival said although assistance for the senior’s home was hard to come by, they received a $2,500 monthly stipend from the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to help with expenses.


At the ceremony, Percival placed a request for beds, which he said the institution was in need of.


“If we can get some of those (beds), I will be grateful,” he said.


Percival said the seniors’ home was built in 1994. Prior to the completion of the facility, the seniors of St. George and St. John’s Parish were cared for as part of an outreach program.


He also said that despite the contributions of the Hospital Sisters Mission and the NIA, the seniors’ home is in dire need of financial assistance.


“Cash is not easy to come by and at times we do not have certain supplies that we need,” said Percival. “When you see us on the road raising funds we are not raising money for Cannon Percival or his family or any individual. We are raising funds for this place.”


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