Seasonal home staging tips

By Admin Wednesday October 16 2013 in Business
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If you are planning to sell your home this fall or winter, you may want to think twice before turning your front lawn into a Halloween graveyard or winter wonderland. According to Phil Dorner, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association, it is important to keep seasonal decorations to a minimum when opening your home up to potential buyers.


“Visitors need to be able to picture themselves living in the space,” says Dorner. “An overly cluttered or decorated home will detract from their experience. Keep in mind not everyone celebrates the same holidays that you do or shares your taste in décor, so it’s always best to follow the rule of ‘less is more’ when showing your home around holidays.”


If you choose to decorate your home during the selling process, make sure to follow these tips:

Keep it clear. Decorations should not block hallways or prevent potential buyers from entering or exiting areas of your home.

Engage the senses. Soft lighting and a nice aroma (like pumpkin or cinnamon) will welcome guests without being overpowering.

Make it homey. Especially when selling in fall/winter, create the feeling of comfort by layering couches and beds with throws and cushions, for example.

Keep it functional. When decorated, living spaces should still look the part (i.e. a family room should not resemble Santa’s workshop).


Some general staging tips:

  • Make sure your home is spotless, especially the high traffic areas.
  • Put away personal belongings like family photos.
  • Make sure that closets, cupboards and drawers are organized to show maximum storage potential.
  • Create ambiance in certain rooms like bathrooms by laying out plush towels and candles without over cluttering the space.


“Don’t sink a ton of money into staging,” advises Dorner. “Keep it simple and talk to your Realtor about what buyers in your area are looking for.”


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