Sandals Foundation to establish coral reef nurseries

By Admin Wednesday April 29 2015 in Caribbean
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KINGSTON: The Sandals Foundation has announced it will provide funding for coral reef restoration projects to preserve coral reefs in Jamaica’s ecosystem.


The foundation said the aim is to combat the declining coral reef populations by establishing nurseries across the island.


“The Sandals Foundation is passionate about protecting the environment and particularly marine preservation,” said Adam Stewart, president of the Sandals Foundation.


He said the coral reef nurseries will produce approximately 1,200 coral pieces each year and these will be transplanted to increase coral populations.


The rate at which coral reefs are declining is very disturbing considering that they contribute so much to the Caribbean’s economy,” said Stewart. “With this year’s Earth Day theme being ‘It’s Our Turn to Lead,’ we call for the region’s stakeholders to take a stand towards preserving our marine ecosystems and our environment as a whole to ensure that future generations have a Caribbean to call home.”


Funding for the endeavour was provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the C-FISH Initiative, a project implemented by CARIBSAVE.


“Saving the Caribbean’s coral reefs will be critical for the future of the region’s beaches, tourism sector and fishing communities” said Dr. Owen Day of CARIBSAVE.


“We now know that effective marine parks and coral restoration can make reef ecosystems recover faster than previously thought possible. It’s not rocket science; it just requires good management and real partnerships between communities, private sector, government and international donors. Sandals Foundation is fast becoming a regional leader in supporting these efforts.”

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