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By Admin Wednesday March 04 2015 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:

I read with interest Arnold Auguste’s article “Peter Sloly best choice as next police chief” published in Share on February 25, 2015.


As president of the Toronto Police Association, it is not my place to comment on the qualifications or suitability of candidates. I would like to comment however, on Mr. Auguste’s statement: “I also understand that there is a sense that the police union leadership would not want to work with Sloly”.

Mr. Auguste is entitled to his opinion based on his perspective, but I take issue with his misguided and uninformed comments in relation to the viewpoint of myself or my organization. First and foremost, the Association is not involved in the chief selection process, other than participating in a consultative group. Our priority is that the incoming chief have the ability to work with the Association towards our shared common goal of public safety, is committed to equality and diversity in the workplace and understands the importance of open, frank and transparent communication. Dredging up historical strained relations between previous chiefs of police and police association presidents is irrelevant and counter-productive to any meaningful discussion.


My approach has always been collaborative whether working as a frontline officer in 51 Division or during my time as president of the association. While the chief of police and I may view issues through different lenses and have different responsibilities, we also share the common ground of keeping Toronto one of the safest and most liveable cities in which to live, work and visit.


We are aware of the challenges facing the City of Toronto and we are hopeful that the new chief, whomever that may be, will work collaboratively with the Association to strengthen the quality of service our members provide to the citizens of Toronto.


Mike McCormack


Toronto Police Association

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