Minister Damion Crawford
Minister Damion Crawford

Prince Harry’s visit a boost to tourism – Minister

By Admin Sunday March 18 2012 in Caribbean
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KINGSTON, Jamaica: Prince Harry’s official visit to Jamaica earlier this month has been a major boost for local tourism, says Damion Crawford, Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment.



“It was another occasion to put Jamaica in the international spotlight in a positive way;” Crawford said. “The wealth of exposure, international media coverage and ‘feel good’ emotion that was generated during the few days that he was here can only result in increased visitor confidence in Jamaica’s ability to provide a great vacation experience. In addition, his interaction with Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt served as a primer for the excitement we will create at the London Olympics later this year.”



The Prince began his tour of various commonwealth nations in early March to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. While visiting Jamaica from March 5 to 8, he enjoyed a tour of the historic town of Falmouth, Trelawny.



Crawford greeted the Prince at the Falmouth pier with the official welcome party. While expressing his pleasure in welcoming the Prince, Crawford said: “Falmouth is one of the sites in Jamaica that is rich in historical significance.



“The historical facts demonstrate the strong ties between Jamaica and the United Kingdom and the interconnectivity of both our nations.”



The party led Prince Harry through the town of Falmouth by trolley, stopping at the William Knibb Baptist Church, where the Prince paid his respects by presenting a floral tribute at the Knibb memorial, and at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, where he received a brief history of the church. He also visited the renovated Water Square and the Good Hope Great House.



Many tourists were among those who lined the streets to greet Prince Harry at various stops along the tour.



“I am very pleased that tourists also had the opportunity to share in the occasion which may have been for them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Prince Harry in person,” said Crawford. “We are happy that despite his hectic schedule, he saw it fit to visit one of our main tourist attractions. And there will forever be a link between the town and Prince Harry, as his visit was another historic moment.”



The Prince later attended a Jamaica Night reception at Sandals Cay in Montego Bay, where Crawford and other ministry officials presented him with a painting by local artist, Richard Hall, entitled ‘Movements’.

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