Peter Pitamber
Peter Pitamber

Popular Guyanese restaurateur, wife and son found dead

By Admin Wednesday March 19 2014 in News
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A well-known Guyanese-born businessman and two family members are dead after they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes in their Brampton home early last Monday morning.


Peter Pitamber, 60, who owned the popular Calypso Hut 3 restaurant in Brampton, along with his wife Seeta and their son Terry were found by younger son Jerry when he arrived home after closing the family restaurant.


“I came home and I tried to save all of them, but it didn’t work,” the son said. “Everybody was knocked out. My dad was lying on the floor. My brother was in a bed. My mom was in a bed.”


Peter’s brother, Paul Rampersaud, and a family friend were staying at the home temporarily to grieve the death of the family matriarch. Both men were briefly hospitalized.

“Today has been an unimaginable and horrific day for our family,” said Paul Rampersaud. “The past few weeks have been extremely difficult as we have been grieving another close family member…I love them, they’re gone. I don’t know what else to say.”


Migrating from Guyana nearly three decades ago, Pitamber built a strong business and was an active member in the Brampton community. A cricket enthusiast, he sponsored Islanders Cricket Club which is affiliated to the Toronto & District Association (TDCA) league.


Tranzac Cricket Academy owner Sherriff Boodhoo said Pitamber will be missed.


“I knew Peter for many years,” said Boodhoo who is mourning the death of his son, Quasim, who passed away last month. “He was very friendly and open.”


The eldest of three brothers, Pitamber opened Calypso Hut 3 in January 1993. Younger brother Stanley launched the first Calypso Hut in May 1987 while Paul established Calypso Hut 2 three years later.



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