PM Douglas announces plan to build 500 more homes

By Admin Wednesday September 25 2013 in Caribbean
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BASSETERRE: Prime Minister Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has announced the continuation of his ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s Housing Development Program.


Dr. Douglas told a large crowd at a rally that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Housing, Dr. Earl Asim Martin, will soon officially announce the construction of an additional 500 homes.


“We started the Housing Solutions (HS) with 500 homes but at that time the target was really 1,000 homes for our people with 500 being only half of the target,” said Douglas, who disclosed that he indicated during the discussions that the policy of the government is to ensure that the first 500 homes and the additional 500 homes must be built for the benefit of the people.


“A number of people have not yet received homes, those single men in particular. The men are saying ‘Prime Minister you guys are only concentrating on the women, but what about us.’ We have now devised a plan that our single men they must improve their living standards and they too need to stop living in rented houses especially in premises where they don’t even have modern facilities,” the Prime Minister said.


Dubbing it the Independence 30 Housing Development program, Douglas noted that there are still some women who are still living in very poor and deplorable conditions.


“On the 30th Anniversary of our Independence it will be for all of our people.


“Some of you will be vex when you see a PAM (the opposition People’s Action Movement) person in a house, but don’t get vex. I want to say to you that we shall improve the housing stock here in St. Kitts & Nevis for the benefit of all of our people.”


He said that since taking office his government has also provided assistance to middle income persons to own their own homes.


“We have had program for the low middle income earners. The public servants were given special assistance in order to obtain the necessary support by government, using the value of their pensions that would have accrued as the collateral, as they borrowed from the St. Kitts & Nevis Development Bank in order to get their own homes,” Douglas said.


Since taking office in 1995, the Douglas Government has constructed over 3,500 homes under several public programs.


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