People in charge ‘do not respect the Black community’

By Admin Thursday May 28 2015 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for the profound way in which you have been covering the racial profiling/carding/John Tory/Bill Blair/Police Services Board issue. I totally agree with you and hope you will continue to stand with us on this very troubling turn of events.


To sit and watch the goings on at the April 2, 2015 and April 16, 2015 Police Services Board meetings crystalized that the people put in charge to right wrongs, do not have a scintilla of respect for the Black Community.


Mayor John Tory who is supposed to be the Mayor of all of us who live in Toronto has thrown us under the bus, the train and all the tractor trailers on our roads in North America, in one fell swoop. His contempt for us is most profound and for those from our community who supported him and encouraged others to do so should, collectively, kick themselves in the backside. They had forgotten that John Tory is a privileged White man who would gate-keep for his kind.


Mayor John Tory has spat in our faces and we should never forgive him for doing so.


All of our community organizations should refrain from inviting him into our spaces to fellowship or talk with us until he has removed himself from the pockets of the police officers who constantly racially profile the Black community, especially our youth.


Racial profiling/carding/community engagement that John Tory supports so enthusiastically should be seriously looked at by Queens Park.


To Queens Park that has been silent on this egregious turn of events, stop pretending that there is not a problem with the police and the Police Services Board. There are members that you have appointed that should not be on that Board; and there are many police officers that should lose their jobs; stop pretending that there is not a problem with the police. Queens Park, your deafening silence is sending a message that you are in support of the mistreatment of the Black community by the police.


State sanctioned terrorism against the Black community is not going to be accepted by us and we will never cooperate in the violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We belong here, we are going to be here, we are here; and the sooner Queens Park and Mayor John Tory address the issue of racial profiling, the further FERGUSON will stay.


I call on Premier Kathleen Wynne, Attorney General, Madeleine Meilleur, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Yasir Naqvi to review the Police Services Act and strengthen the Act so that the Board has full employers’ powers, which includes hiring and firing of staff from the chief down to front line officers, for just cause. The Act should also provide enforcement of the Act itself so that there would be someone responsible for overseeing the Police Services Board to ensure that they comply with the Act.


Your action or inaction will confirm what you believe that the Black Community should accept.


Valarie Steele, JDCF President

Past President JCA; Director of BADC

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