Peel police association responds to carding story

By Admin Wednesday May 18 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:

Allow me to clarify some of your information (May 12, 2016 issue). Carding is not banned. The Police Services Board is not ‘banning’ carding. The provincial regulations are not proposing that carding be banned. This latest move by the Peel Police Chief quite simply brings Peel procedures in line with the latest regulations established by Minister Naqvi’s office.

To be clear, Peel procedures have long ago stipulated that random and arbitrary reasoning is not permitted during street checks. Likewise, there has always been an understanding that racism will not be tolerated. To be blunt, this is common sense, and the Peel Police Directives reinforces that position.

But make no mistake. When our officers find a party who is conducting themselves in a suspicious manner, where any reasonable person would question their actions and motives, Peel officers are expected to stop and speak to that party. The public demands we investigate with a view to crime prevention. To do otherwise would be neglect. Where warranted, the person’s information will be collected and stored in a data base. This is simply good police work. There is a need for intelligence and the police are in a position to gather it.

These new regulations are now law and our members, like always, will act professionally in complying with this new process. With these new ‘handcuffs’ placed on the police with these new regulations, the public should be concerned with the possibility of finding themselves in a society of increasing lawlessness. Time will tell.

Paul Black, President

Peel Regional Police Association

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