Obama proclaims June Caribbean-American Heritage Month

By Admin Wednesday June 04 2014 in Caribbean
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WASHINGTON, D.C.: U.S. President Barack Obama has proclaimed June National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.


“I encourage all Americans to celebrate the history and culture of Caribbean Americans with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” he said.


Obama said during National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, America will honour Caribbean Americans’ history, culture, and “essential role in the American narrative”.


He said the U.S. is seeking to “create new educational opportunities for young people across the Caribbean basin, as well as for Caribbean Americans in our own communities.


“We are also working to advance commonsense immigration reform that will allow future generations of Caribbean Americans to share their talents with our nation. Caribbean Americans are part of a great national tradition, descendants of hopeful, striving people who journeyed to our lands in search of a better life.”


Obama said Caribbean Americans were drawn to the U.S. to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones.


“Thanks to these opportunities and their talent and perseverance, Caribbean Americans have contributed to every aspect of our society – from science and medicine to business and the arts,” he said. “As America celebrates our Caribbean heritage, let us hold fast to the spirit that makes our country a beacon to the world. This month, let us remember that we are always at our best when we focus not on what we can tear down, but on what we can build up.”

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