Minister Michael Coteau
Minister Michael Coteau

New gov’t initiative will spur immigrant job opportunities

By Admin Wednesday June 26 2013 in News
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The province is partnering with employers to enhance immigrant opportunities.


As part of Ontario’s immigration strategy, the government recently established the Minister’s Employers Table to work with job creators to build a skilled labour force to grow the province’s economy.


“Ontario has many immigrant programs in place to help newcomers get the training and workplace experience they need to be successful, everything from language training to our Ontario Bridge Training program that helps internationally-trained individuals get licensed and get jobs,” said Citizenship & Immigration Minister Michael Coteau.


“It’s ultimately employers, however, that we count on to help newcomers find employment so that they can start contributing to the economy. That makes job creators a key figure in the immigration equation and the focus of a recent milestone in the implementation of our immigration strategy.”


Last week, the province unveiled the Ontario Award for Leadership in Employment that will recognize employers who champion workplace diversity, companies that show recruiting leadership, mentor immigrants and demonstrate the positive business impact of hiring immigrants, and immigrants who create jobs in the province.


“In the three categories, we want to recognize the significant role employers play in helping immigrants achieve success,” said Coteau.


The inaugural awards will be presented at the province’s economic summit in early November.


Nominations open in early July.


“All of Ontario’s newcomers come here seeking hope and new opportunities for themselves and their families,” said Coteau. “I am proud that, with our new employers’ table, our government is joining forces with job creators so that future generations of immigrants can realize their dreams of a better life in Ontario as well.”


Ontario Chamber of Commerce president, Allan O’Dette, expressed satisfaction with the province’s approach to its immigration strategy.


“The Minister’s Employers Table is an excellent opportunity for employers to play a leading role in building a 21st century workforce for Ontario,” said O’Dette.


Siemens Canada president and chief executive officer, Robert Hardt, said he’s pleased to be part of the discussion about how immigration can help businesses in Ontario grow and succeed on a local and global level.


“It’s important that employers recognize and benefit from the skills immigrants bring to this province,” said Hardt.


Newcomers make up close to 30 per cent of Ontario’s labour force. With continued immigration, it is projected that the province’s working age population will start to decline by next year. Economic-class immigrants comprise up to 70 per cent of all newcomers to the province.



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