Ravin Moorthy
Ravin Moorthy

New Cricket Canada team to focus on grassroots development

By Admin Wednesday September 05 2012 in Sports
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Cricket Canada has appointed an Australian as its new high performance manager and created a new position to address the development of grassroots and domestic cricket.

David Patterson, who was the high performance coaching administrator with Cricket New South Wales (NSW) for a decade, has been living in the Greater Toronto Area just over a year since marrying a Canadian. Last year, he assisted former national coach Michael Dighton with local fast bowlers.

The head coach at Toronto Cricket Club since January, the 48-year-old Level Three coach is responsible for developing and managing the high performance program for the national men and women senior and junior teams.

“David has an extensive background having done a similar job in Australia,” said Cricket Canada’s president, Ravin Moorthy. “We hope his experience will boost our program.”

With Cricket NSW, Patterson designed and implemented programs for elite junior cricketers across the state. Australian captain Michael Clarke and dashing left-handed opening batsman David Warner are products of the program. Prior to joining Cricket NSW in 1996, Patterson was the NSW Institute of Sport head cricket coach for seven years.

Former national opener Ingleton Liburd has been named the domestic development manager, a new position created by Cricket Canada. He previously held the post of cricket development manager.

“Part of our focus is to put some priority on domestic and grassroots development and make sure our organization is supported from the ground up,” said Moorthy. “For the first time, we have staff members in place that could take a youngster in school from let’s say eight years old and guide him all the way to the World Cup.”

Cricket Canada has also hired a new office administrator. Marcia Barrett was an administrative director with the Ontario College of Family Physicians, the executive director of the Association of Canadian Pension Management, Ontario Equestrian Federation’s executive director and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada’s manager of association services prior to taking up her new assignment.

Moorthy also expects new national coach Gus Logie to be back in Toronto by the end of the month. He’s currently waiting on his work permit.

The former West Indies player/coach flew from Trinidad & Tobago to Scotland last July to join the national side for its Intercontinental Cup fixture that was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain and a One-Day International that the Scots won by four wickets.

Moorthy also told Share that Cricket Canada is working with the West Indies Cricket Board to arrange a Caribbean tour for the senior team in either October or November.

“This will serve as preparation for the Caribbean Twenty/20 series and our next Intercontinental Cup match in Kenya in March,” Moorthy said.

Canada was winless in last year’s Caribbean Twenty/20 tournament in Antigua and Barbados.


  • Mack Duffy said:

    I would love to see Cricket Canada come to the Atlantic Provinces a bit more to help advance the level of play here…

    There’s some great talent here that are topped out developmentally, due to the lack of high tier coaching, but with the right guidance could make a lot of noise regionally if not nationally.

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    Saturday September 08 at 11:58 am
  • Chaos said:

    Playing cricket in Ontario, I can guarantee you that there is no such thing as coaching to any junior level other than some Academies where you pay approx $500 a year. these are just statements made to make seem like everything is going good or they are doing something while doing nothing.

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    Monday September 17 at 8:56 am
  • Evan Bjorkenstam said:

    Cricket Canada has been instrumental in helping us get a low cost kids program started in Kitchener Ontario. Check out http://www.cricketinkitchener.com

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    Sunday January 20 at 8:34 pm

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