Fayaz Karim
Fayaz Karim

NDP nominates Karim in Mississauga-Streetsville

By Admin Wednesday December 10 2014 in News
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For the second time this year, Trinidadian-born Fayaz Karim has been nominated by the New Democratic Party (NDP) to contest an election.


Karim, who finished third in Mississauga East-Cooksville in last June’s provincial elections with 15.35 per cent of the votes, is the party’s Mississauga-Streetsville candidate in next year’s federal elections.


“I chose to be with the NDP because they deliver, they prioritize responsibly and your concerns and issues are taken seriously as opposed to the decades of rhetoric and empty promises we have become used to,” he said. “We are about a fairer and more balanced economy with well-paying jobs where no one is left behind.


“We are investing in our cities and making life affordable for all and we are about a just and balanced approach to foreign policy and we have proven that. We are also about protecting and improving our institutions – healthcare, education, the environment, immigration, civil liberties and human rights. The other parties have promised all these things, but evidence and reality say something different. Only a small portion of the population is prospering and we know that better can be done.”


Created in 2003, the affluent riding is held by the Conservatives, which took 46.12 per cent of the votes in the 2011 polls.


Raised in San Juan, which is in northeastern Trinidad, Karim graduated from Trinity College and opened an upholstery business in his community. He closed it after two years and migrated to Canada 26 years ago.


After being employed in a factory warehouse and in sales and working as a courier and business manager in the auto industry, Karim opened a commercial freight transportation business that he operated for a decade before returning to university.


In addition to pursuing his Master’s in political science at the University of Toronto, Karim is an executive member of the Peel Poverty Action Group that advocates on behalf of the homeless and struggling families.


Working with that group has provided him with a unique and numbing perspective of what poverty does to people. It has also inspired him to become politically engaged.


“My intention is to work in the best interest of all citizens,” said Karim.


The married father of two played cricket and volleyball and enjoys fishing and camping.



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