More Nevisian women to get WISE grants

By Admin Wednesday September 04 2013 in Caribbean
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BASSETERRE: Project manager of the government’s People Employment Program (PEP), Geoffrey Hanley, says more Women in Small Enterprise (WISE) grants will be offered to women in Nevis who have applied for them. Eleven businesswomen in Nevis received WISE grants in June.


“As we continue to ensure that persons on the island of Nevis benefit immensely from the People Employment Program, we have some additional names and we are going to be providing the necessary financial support that they would require to enhance and improve their small businesses,” Hanley said in a media report.


The PEP office in Nevis is currently finalizing plans to roll out training programs that would involve the PEP participants, first dealing with life skills and then initially in their area of interest.


“We are going to be starting off with the hospitality training which has been an area (in which) quite a number of persons had been indicating (an) interest,” said Hanley.


“We have been trying our very best to facilitate those persons just as it has been done on the island of St. Kitts. That is the same way we intend to do in Nevis as well. So it is a case where Nevisians are benefitting just as how Kittitians are benefitting and there is no bias when it comes to persons looking for jobs or accessing training,” added Hanley.

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