Mississauga Mayor BONNIE CROMBIE
Mississauga Mayor BONNIE CROMBIE

Mississauga accepting applications for diversity committee

By Admin Wednesday January 07 2015 in News
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With the Mississauga city government failing to reflect the diverse community it serves, newly elected Mayor Bonnie Crombie is sticking to her election campaign promise to establish a diversity and inclusion advisory committee.


Comprising 10 community members and two councillors, the committee will sit four times a year and provide input to Crombie, senior staff and city council on some of the barriers that residents face.


The group will also provide input to staff in the development of policies to promote awareness of diversity matters, undertake research and investigations into the thoughts and opinions of residents from across the city, facilitate discussions with community groups to promote broader understanding and engagement between residents and all diverse communities and review city policies through a diversity lens to ensure they are meeting residents’ needs.


Close to 54 per cent of Mississaugans identified as being visible minorities in the last census three years ago.


“Mississauga is a rapidly changing city with an incredibly diverse and dynamic population,” said Crombie. “Carassauga highlights the richness and diversity in our community and I think it’s imperative that all residents, especially those in our many ethno-cultural communities, have their voice represented at City Hall.


“A growing city like Mississauga must ensure that its government, programs and services meet the needs of all residents, whether they have lived here for 20 years or 20 days. Our diversity is our strength and we must leverage the ideas and feedback of all our residents to ensure that our government is making the right decisions at the right time.”


Carassauga is an annual multicultural festival held in Mississauga for the last 30 years.


Applications for the diversity and inclusion advisory committee close on Friday, January 23 at 4:30 p.m.


The application form is available at http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/FormsOnline/2669.pdf.



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