Miss Teen Ontario Sacha Stewart
Miss Teen Ontario Sacha Stewart

Miss Teen Ontario has her eyes set on national title

By Admin Thursday February 09 2012 in Entertainment
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A supremely confident and gifted Sacha Stewart has her eyes firmly set on the prize.



After being crowned Miss Teen Ontario last month, the 17-year-old Unionville High School graduate plans to go a step further and clinch the national title in the summer.



She was among 42 contestants between the ages of 14 and 18 that participated in the two-day regional elimination contest at the Sheraton Hotel in Richmond Hill. The field was whittled down to 17 for the final day of competition.



“It was a whirlwind weekend,” said Stewart who was competing in her first pageant. “This was a new experience, so you could imagine what it was like to first of all absorb information and training quickly and then apply it in the competition in a very short time frame.”



She, however, relished the challenge.



“I met some amazing young girls and the entire process was a learning experience for me,” she said. “To hear your name announced as the winner was the icing on the cake and the culmination of what was simply a great weekend for me and my family who supported me all the way.”



The multi-talented artist said the pageant appealed to her because she graduated early from high school.



“I saw the ad over a year ago and did not take much notice of it at the time because I was busy in school,” said the theatre major who is also actively involved in singing, song writing and dance. “But since I had some time on my hands now before pursuing post-secondary education in the performing arts and the sciences, I decided to take up the challenge and try something new.”



A member since age four at Kingdom Covenant Ministries where she’s an assistant choir director, Stewart is associated with Exousia Media Group which is a dynamic and innovative entertainment company that’s leading the way in inspirational theatre inCanada.



The progressive teenager is also a member of an arm of Exousia dedicated to reaching and empowering disenfranchised youth in the city through arts by using therapeutic drama.



One thing that stands out about Stewart is her articulation which she credits her parents for. Donovan – whose parents are Jamaican – and Kathleen Stewart migrated from England in the mid-1980s.



“My parents are close and they have good conversations with us,” said the third of four children. “They have made a huge impact in my life and are hugely responsible for the rounded and fluent person that I am.”



Stewart also enjoys community service and working with young people.



She’s a Leader-in-Training volunteer with Ashton Meadows Sports Camp, a co-producer with Markham Youth Theatre and stage manager and drama class teacher and motivational speaker.



The Miss Teen Canada-World pageant takes place in Toronto in July.




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