Macomere Fifi
Macomere Fifi

Macomere Fifi wins Calypso Monarch final

By Admin Wednesday July 30 2014 in Entertainment
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Macomere Fifi has done it again.


Fifi (Eulith Tara Woods), who won the Organization of Calypso Artists Kaiso 365 Calypso Monarch final in 2013, successfully defended her crown at this year`s final last Saturday.


Fifi defeated eight contestants to win the competition for the sixth time. She also won Best Lyrics and Most Humorous Calypso honours for “Before Yuh Gone” and Most Original Calypso, Best Rendition, and Best Arrangement for “God Bless Toronto”.


Five-time winner, Beginner (Michael Moore), placed second in the event, in which each contestant performed two songs. He won Best Melody and Best Presentation honours for “Nothing Ain’t Change”.


Susan G. (Susan Grogan), best known for her hits “Soca Addict” and “Gimme Pan”, returned from a three-year hiatus to place third in the competition.


Rounding out the field from fourth to ninth place were Guney (Guney Cedeno), Web (Hamilton Alexander), King Cosmos (Henry Gomez), DeCarra (Leslie Carrabon), Yellows (Carlos Morgan) and Panman Pat (Pat McNeilly).


The top four finalists shared a prize of $10,000 and each contestant received a $300 appearance fee.

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