Cara O'Donnell and Makalah Harrison
Cara O'Donnell and Makalah Harrison

MacFingall featured in Bajan film, CHRISSY

By Admin Wednesday November 07 2012 in Entertainment
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Well known Barbadian calypsonian MacFingall has turned to an acting career.


He features in an inspirational film, CHRISSY, that will premiere in Toronto on November 15.


Makalah Harrison and Cara O’Donnell portray two elementary school students who face myriad challenges, including bullying while MacFingall teams up with Sophia Thomas and Peter Boyce to play the role of educators.


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire cast, especially the children,” said MacFingall. “It was heartwarming to see the confidence and talent of these very young people.”


The play was directed by Jamaican Marcia Weekes who wrote and directed Hush 2: End the Silence which is a Barbadian film dealing with the issues of incest, sexual abuse, drugs and violence inflicted on youth and how they are affected.


“CHRISSY afforded me the great opportunity of working with some of the best Barbadian actors,” said Marcia Weekes. “It was a joy to work as a team to create this Caribbean film that shares a very inspirational message of faith, determination and hope.”


Added executive director Dave Weekes: “Although CHRISSY is a Barbadian product, it is evident that we as a Caribbean people can work together to create products which can impact the world market. The involvement of Jamaicans and Guyanese among the production crew is evidence of the quality of work which the region can produce.”


The 90-minute long play will run for two nights at the University of Toronto’s Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave. The premiere will be screened under the patronage of Barbados’ acting consul general Ferdinand Gill while the second show takes place three days later.


The price of admission to the premiere is $20 while the cost of admission to the matinee show is $12 for adults and $6 for children under 12 years of age.


Tickets can be obtained by calling (416) 519-8654 or (416) 299-6853.



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