LIAT won’t raise its prices, manager says

By Admin Friday April 13 2012 in Caribbean
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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: REDjet’s recent suspension of its Air Operators’ Certificate has prompted concerns that regional legacy carrier LIAT will increase air fares. In a media release issued in late March, LIAT said it had no intention of taking advantage of low-cost carrier REDjet’s suspension of services.



Corporate Communications Manager, Desmond Brown, said that since REDjet suspended all flights to its nine destinations, there has been no increase in LIAT’s fares.



“In fact, to the contrary, LIAT has intensified its campaign to provide discounted seats for regional travel beginning with a series of special fares offered to distressed REDjet passengers,” Brown said.



Brown said that LIAT is conscious of its central role in air transportation in the region and continues to do all possible within its constraints to provide the public with affordable fares.



After 10 months in the air, REDjet will need an $8-million injection in order to continue operations, according to Chief Executive Officer, Ian Burns, and other directors.



Although Trinidad & Tobago revoked REDjet’s licence to fly to that country, Guyana and Antigua continue to support the airline.


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