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By Admin Wednesday October 22 2014 in News
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Before voting in the City of Mississauga’s municipal election on Monday, October 27, it is imperative to know what your local government does so you can make an informed decision when you cast your vote.


The City has launched a local government website that contains information for citizens on how to actively engage in local government. Visit our local government website at mississauga.ca/localgov to learn more about your city government.


The community is directly impacted by the elected municipal and school board representatives who make vital decisions for the City. Local governments deliver programs that enhance the quality of life for citizens and sustain the systems that make our communities possible.


Services that your local government are responsible for are part of your everyday life. They include:


• affordable housing,

• fire, police and ambulances,

• city parks,

• roads and bridges,

• water supply and transit, and

• libraries.


Local Government Awareness Week:

Local Government Awareness Week will conclude on Saturday, October 25. It is being held to generate awareness and educate the public on the important roles and responsibilities of local governments in the province.


For more information about the 2014 Mississauga municipal election, visit mississaugavotes.ca or call 905-615-VOTE. If you need information in an alternate format, please call 3-1-1. Vote! You decide what the future of your City and schools look like.

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