Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier hospitalized

By Admin Wednesday March 06 2013 in Caribbean
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PORT-AU-PRINCE: Former president Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier has been hospitalized, but his lawyer, Reynold Georges, has declined to name the medical institution where his client is receiving treatment.


Georges said that Duvalier, 61, was taken to hospital after he testified last week on human rights abuses and embezzlement associated with his 15-year rule.


Duvalier’s hospitalization is the second occasion that he has sought medical treatment. In 2011, he checked into a hospital for unspecified chest pains.


Duvalier’s appearance in court last week surprised many people who thought that the former dictator, who made a surprise return to Haiti in 2011 after 25 years of living in exile, would continue to deny court rulings to appear and testify.


Duvalier has defended his 15-year rule while answering questions from a three-judge panel and attorneys about political prisoners, murders and disappearances.


The plaintiffs are due to testify today but Duvalier has not been ordered to appear.


A judge in a lower level court last year ruled that Duvalier only faces charges on financial crimes and not the human rights abuse charges because they are exempt under a statute of limitations.


Attorneys for more than 20 plaintiffs appealed that decision and so has the legal team for Duvalier, whose attorneys assert he’s innocent on all charges.


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