Tessanne Chin
Tessanne Chin

Jamaicans ecstatic over Tessanne Chin winning The Voice

By Admin Wednesday December 18 2013 in Entertainment
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Damion Crawford, Minister of State in Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment,has extended sincere congratulations to Jamaican vocalist Tessanne Chin on her extraordinary achievement of winning the American reality television singing competition, “The Voice”.


“It is with great pride that I congratulate you on a well-deserved victory. Words cannot adequately convey the sheer joy and admiration that all Jamaicans, at home and abroad, feel about your decisive win,” said Crawford.



“I have followed your career over the years and your stellar performance on “The Voice” from start to finish and never doubted that your immense talent would take you to the top in this competition,” Crawford added. “This well-deserved win confirms to the world what Jamaica has always known, that you are a phenomenal woman and a remarkable artiste.”



Describing Tessanne as a true ambassador for Brand Jamaica, and a perfect example of the great things that can be achieved when people dare to dream big, Crawford said: “You are an inspiration to other young people to challenge themselves to achieve greatness on the international stage.”



Jamaicans in Toronto were also elated at Chin’s victory. Denise Jones of Jones & Jones Productions is arguably the top promoter of Jamaican music in Canada.



“Tessanne Chin’s win is significant globally on a number of levels,” she told Share. “First it further gives the world a peek into Jamaica’s motto, ‘Out of Many, One People’. It also broadens the scope of Jamaica’s music barometer – we sing reggae plus.



“There was Tessanne-mania across Jamaica last night (Tuesday) and in places across Toronto and around the globe.



“Half Way Tree (in Kingston) was blocked last night a la Usain Bolt.



“Tessanne has powerful pipes and can engage her audience, and expresses humility, which is often rare in the entertainment industry.



“We look forward to having her perform in Toronto in 2014.”



For winning the top prize on the popular reality TV show, Chin will receive US$100,000, a recording contract with Universal Music Group and a KIA Sorento SUV to take back to Jamaica with her.



The 28-year-old Jamaican songstress, who previously did backup vocals for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and also worked with Third World and Ky-mani Marley, won her place in the finals last week with a stirring rendition of Paul Simon’s, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and took the Season 5 title this week with her powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic hit “I Have Nothing”.



She is married to former television presenter, Michael Anthony Cuffe Jr. with whom she tied the knot recently.



Chin’s mother, Christine, shared the spotlight after the show.



“We are so proud of her as a family and a nation — my dear Jamaica,” she said. Then she advised her daughter to “just keep being yourself”.

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