Frank DaCosta
Frank DaCosta

Jamaican is Nissan Canada’s top salesman for 2011

By Admin Thursday February 23 2012 in News
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Enthusiasm sells; communication and convincing skills are prerequisites and product knowledge is a necessity when it comes to sales. Especially car sales.



Frank DaCosta possesses these assets which enabled him to sell the most Nissan vehicles – 285 new and 50 used – in Canada last year.



This is quite an accomplishment for the 49-year-old who had never sold anything of substantial value before he was introduced to the business shortly after coming to Canada 19 years ago.



The average car salesperson sells about eight vehicles monthly.



There are 117 Nissan dealerships in Canada, each employing about 12 salespeople. DaCosta said he was unaware that he was selling cars at a record pace.



“To be honest, I just went out there last year doing what I have done every day I have been selling cars,” he said. “All I do is try to sell as many cars as I can and it so happened I was the top salesman in Canada. That occurred and it’s a great thing.”



DaCosta drove a minivan in Jamaica delivering pharmaceutical products and other sundries before coming to Canada in 1993. Without a job after three months, the newcomer was introduced to a Chrysler dealership manager, a family friend.



“I went to see the guy and he told me to go and buy a shirt and tie and come back, which I did,” said DaCosta. “On the first day, he put me on the floor and challenged me to make it happen. It was either sink or swim.”



Without any automotive sales training, DaCosta was ready for the challenge even though this was his first sales job.



“I am a friendly person and I love talking and cars,” said the successful salesman whose first deal was a Mitsubishi Colt. “I landed in the perfect role and, to be frank, this is the easiest job I have done. I enjoy coming to work and I have fun every day.”



DaCosta sold 23 cars during his first month with Chrysler where he spent five years before switching to Nissan Canada 13 years ago.



“Nissan is a great brand, the interest rates are fantastic and we have some really nice new products,” DaCosta said.



He singled out the Rogue, a compact crossover SUV that debuted in October 2007, the Altima Sedan and the Sentra as the top selling vehicles.



“These are excellent products that are fuel-efficient and provide good value for money,” he added.



The married father of three said his wife, Terry-Ann, has been his biggest supporter and she deserves a lot of praise for his success.



“There were days she would call me at work and ask how things are going,” said the West Toronto Church of God member. “When I told her I was having a slow day, she would tell me not to worry and that she would pray for me.”



He also said he has enjoyed considerable support from the Jamaican and West Indian community.



DaCosta is a sales representative at Brampton North Nissan which is located at 195 Canam Cres. The phone number is (905) 459-1600.




  • N Williams said:

    Congratulations Frank, Your achievement confirms that passion, dedication and fun are requirements for success regardless of one’s chosen occupation.

    Saturday February 25 at 2:45 pm
  • Cynthia said:

    Behind every successful man there is a godly woman. Congrats Frank.Keep it up.Hardwork and perseverance are obviously keys to success.

    Sunday March 11 at 1:25 am
  • rae said:


    Sunday March 11 at 1:40 am
  • John said:


    Tuesday January 29 at 2:41 pm

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