Jamaican cop arrested by T.O. police

By Admin Thursday July 10 2014 in News
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A Jamaican cop is behind bars after being arrested by Toronto Police in connection with a murder back home.


Const. Witney Hutchinson, 28, of Kingston, was taken into custody last week by the force’s Fugitive Squad who had placed him under surveillance in Ajax.


He is being detained on an immigration hold and faces removal to Jamaica, police said.


Det. Andrew Lawson said the suspect is sought by Jamaican police for a charge of murder.


Lawson said it’s up to Jamaican authorities to seek Hutchinson’s extradition back to the island to face court proceedings.


The Jamaica Constabulary officer is accused of forming a “police death squad” with seven fellow officers that allegedly killed as many as 40 residents of the Clarendon area.


Police had initially believed the murders were the work of gangs or civil disobedience.


Detectives allege Hutchinson fled Jamaica after the murder of Sylvester Gallimore in May 2011, and entered Canada legally to visit family.


Hutchinson is one of 11 cops from the Clarendon Division who were charged with murder this year following allegations of a police death squad that killed civilians.


The cases are before the courts.


An Independent Commission of Investigations dismissed the killings as civilian-on-civilian crimes and suspect police death squads were responsible for the slayings of citizens from 2009 to 2013.


Some believe an upcoming inquiry into the killings may have led to the sudden retirement last week of Jamaica Police Commissioner Owen Ellington, under whose tenure some of the murders took place.


The sensational reports of a police death squad made front-page news in Jamaica and the Caribbean for several weeks when the allegations first surfaced.


Last year, 258 civilians were killed in incidents involving Jamaican police. Most were shot to death.



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