Jamaica supports call for end to U.S. embargo on Cuba

By Admin Wednesday October 30 2013 in Caribbean
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KINGSTON: Members of Parliament have once again passed a resolution calling for the lifting of the United States trade embargo on Cuba.


The resolution, presented last week by Industry Minister Anthony Hylton, stated that last year 188 member states of the United Nations, including Jamaica, voted in favour of ending the embargo.


“Although the U.S. does not see Cuba today as a threat to its national security, it still upholds the embargo.”


Members of the lower house agreed that the block on Cuba is not only in violation of international law, but is also counter to international human rights law, which prohibits any embargo on raw materials for food or medicine.


“In 2013 we believe that this continued act of aggression against Cuba and the Cuban people is overdone, it’s an abuse of power and it threatens the peace and security of the region, and in that sense, it is of continuing concern to the government and people of Jamaica, the entire region and indeed the world,” said Hylton. “We seek to have a region of peace, a region of tranquility and a region of progress. That region, however defined, cannot be drawn to exclude the state of Cuba.”

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