Indefinite stay for OECS visitors implemented

By Admin Wednesday August 27 2014 in Caribbean
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CASTRIES: Citizens of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economic Union who travel to St. Lucia can now stay there indefinitely.


The OECS Commission’s Castries-based Regional Integration Unit has announced that upon arrival in St. Lucia, citizens of the OECS Economic Union will be offered an indefinite stay stamp.


The OECS Commission said the new arrangements for citizens of the OECS Economic Union travelling to St. Lucia relate to Article 12 entitled the “Movement of Persons” as guided by the Protocol of the OECS Economic Union.


The OECS Commission added that citizens of member states of the OECS Economic Union who travel to St. Lucia will also be able to drive without a driver’s permit once they are in possession of a valid driver’s licence with photo identification and the nationality of their respective OECS member state highlighted.


Regarding this new arrangement, the OECS Commission said that citizens of the OECS Economic Union seeking employment in St. Lucia will no longer require a work permit once they receive the stamp for indefinite stay.


The OECS Commission says St. Lucia’s implementation of the administration arrangements to give effect to the movement of people regime was further facilitated through an intensive training program organized by St. Lucia OECS Commissioner Ambassador June Soomer and facilitated the OECS Regional Integration Unit. Training was held for over 100 officers attached to the traffic, immigration, customs, transport, external affairs, National Insurance Corporation, and other relevant departments.


Under the new arrangement, citizens of the OECS Economic Union can travel to St. Lucia using a valid photo identification that displays their nationality and is issued by their respective government agency.


The OECS Commission added that plans are ongoing in Antigua & Barbuda to have that country fully become part of the OECS free movement regime.

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