Increase in cancer cases spurs calls for international help

By Admin Wednesday January 08 2014 in Caribbean
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ROSEAU: This country is seeking assistance from the International Atomic Agency to help it determine the cause of an increase in the number of cancer cases on the island.


Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Johnson said Dominica is a member of the international organization and “they have a program organized for other countries and we have made a request and hopefully in 2014 we will be embarking on developing a comprehensive cancer prevention program”.


Dr. Johnson said climate change and its effects on the health of the population would also be a major issue for health authorities this year.


“Climate change is another big issue for us, you have seen what is happening, the effects of climate change in terms of our infrastructure but there are also significant effects with regards to climate change on health.”


Dr. Johnson said these effects relate to the spread of disease, including dengue fever and certain respiratory illnesses.


“That is something we will be focusing on and we are working very closely with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) based in Geneva and we have made some contacts with that organization…and looking at benefitting in terms of some of the assistance available in improving or mitigating the effects of climate change on health as it relates to those diseases – dengue, leptospirosis and viral disease.”

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