Kimya Hypolite
Kimya Hypolite

Humber College student wins James Massey scholarship

By Admin Wednesday October 15 2014 in News
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Not knowing James Massey didn’t matter to Kimya Hypolite.


Once she found out he was a musician, the second-year Humber College music student hoped she would be selected to receive a scholarship named after him.


She got her wish.


In May 2012, Massey was murdered in a midtown park near his home by a gunshot. David Ludwig turned himself into police a few days later and was charged with first-degree murder.


Massey was an accomplished musician and composer.


To perpetuate their son’s memory, the family set up a scholarship in his name. It’s administered by the Black Business & Professional Association.


“When I realized that Massey was a musician, I was just praying that I would get that one,” said Hypolite. “I was over the moon when I was informed that I won it.”


The Agincourt Collegiate Institute graduate aspires to an impressionist singer and recording artist.


“I would say my passion for this industry comes from my mother (Sharon) who is into music,” she said. “I also love performing because it makes me happy. I hope that people will feel that and I could uplift them every time I go on stage.”


The recipient of the Church of Nativity and Knox Presbyterian Church scholarships, Hypolite has been a member of the Caribbean Dance Theatre Company for the last five years. She also mentors and provides dance lessons for young Malvern girls.


“I help them understand themselves and what is required of them to be successful,” she said.



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