How long must we wait for Scarborough subway?

By Admin Wednesday July 06 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:

I think the one-stop subway to the Scarborough Town Centre is better than nothing. I would have liked to see it go to Sheppard Ave.

I think the people who are against the subway either own cars or do not live in Scarborough. In response to those who say there are not enough people living in Scarborough to warrant a subway, I am sure when the Bloor-Danforth subway was built there were not many people living in Toronto at that time. Are the people at city hall waiting until Scarborough is bursting at the seams before we get another subway stop?

I have been living in Scarborough for 45 years. When I moved to Scarborough the subway stopped at Warden Station. In order to get home from work downtown I had to take a bus from Warden Station to Lawrence Ave. E. and Kingston Rd. After many years the TTC expanded the subway one stop to Kennedy.

By that time I was working in Scarborough and only used the subway in the summer to go downtown. The RT leaves from Kennedy Station to the Scarborough Town Centre. I hardly use it because it is not convenient for me. It makes a lot of noise and rattles when it is moving. When I get off at Kennedy Station I go upstairs to wait for the RT to Scarborough Town Centre, take a bus to Sheppard Ave. and then take the Sheppard bus to Meadowvale.

So when I have to go downtown I take the Scarborough 86 bus to Kennedy Station. It takes me almost two hours to get downtown. I am now retired. I hope the next subway to be built in Scarborough will be in my lifetime. It will be a lot more talking before anything is done.

Doreen Samuels



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