Hatred for Obama scary

By Arnold Auguste Wednesday November 14 2012 in Opinion
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By ARNOLD A. AUGUSTE, Publisher/Senior Editor

I expected Republicans in the U.S. to be upset over President Barack Obama’s victory last week Tuesday. In fact, I expected them to be very upset. After all, their main goal the past four years was to make him a one-term president.


What I didn’t expect was the depth of that hatred.


One man in Florida is said to have committed suicide following Obama’s victory. A young woman in Arkansas ran over her husband with her car after he told her that he didn’t vote. She is reported to have told authorities that she was concerned for her family’s future under President Obama. (Wasn’t her husband part of her family? I guess he isn’t now.)


Conservative commentators have been unbelievable.


Pat Buchannan said following the election: “White America died last night. Obama’s re-election killed it. Our 200 plus-year history as a Western nation is over.


Actually, Buchannan was not totally against Obama, just the Black half of him.


“Of course, I agree with half of what he does. He’s half White. That’s not the half I’m worried about.”


Mary Matalin, the ultra-conservative wife of ultra-Democrat (go figure), James Carville, was inconsolable, calling the President of the United States a “narcissistic sociopath”.


“His campaign was marked by malice and mendacity. It was full of derision and division and destruction and distraction and distortion.”


Fox News’ Sean Hannity added: “Americans, you get the government you deserve. And it pains me to say this, but America right now deserves Barack Obama. You deserve what you voted for. I know half the country didn’t vote that way, but Americans deserve the government that they want and they deserve. Good luck with that.”


And, of course, Donald Trump (who one commentator said has long passed the off-ramp of relevance) called the election “a sham and a travesty” and is urging a revolution.


It is incomprehensible, though, that anyone could look back at the last four years under Barack Obama and be afraid of the next four years. But in their efforts to brainwash their base to hate the President, they also drank the Kool Aid; they began to believe their own rhetoric.


The Obama victory showed up a new face of America, one that Republicans had refused to see or recognize. That is why there is so much talk about the death of White America. The President’s win was the result of his getting 93 per cent of the Black vote; 73 per cent of the Asian vote; 71 per cent of the Hispanic vote; 69 per cent of the Jewish vote and 55 per cent of women. His overall White vote was just 39 per cent.


But why are the Republicans blaming Obama? If anything, they helped him win. They started out with a weak slate of candidates and, while Romney was, arguably, the best of the lot, he was a very poor candidate who didn’t enjoy the overwhelming support of his party. A lot of his support was the result of hatred for Obama. They hated the President more than they loved Romney. And the anguish most of them are feeling is not necessarily that Romney lost but that the election showed up the weakening White power structure and that is scaring the heck out of them. The minorities have taken over.


Another way they helped Obama, apart from the way they tried to demonize him, is through their policies which scared a lot of people. They drove voters towards Obama.


Now, they are searching for excuses. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly decided that those who voted for Obama did so because they want “stuff”.


Remember the secret videotape of Mitt Romney telling some of his wealthy backers that 47 per cent of Americans wouldn’t vote for him? That is what he was talking about. They want “stuff”.


And what is that stuff they want? Food, a roof over their heads, a good job, good schooling for their kids, you know, entitlements.


And when a hurricane, tornado or fire destroys their homes and communities, someone in government ready and willing to help them.


Some have said now that Obama has won re-election and cannot run again, things should be easier because the Republicans have no cause to fight him. I don’t think so. They fought Bill Clinton throughout his eight years in office.


And the reaction to this President’s re-election among some, especially the illiterate, is cause for concern. If someone could kill himself; if a woman could try to kill her husband for not voting against him; if supposedly intelligent people with open access to that nation’s airwaves could spew such hatred, we all have to be concerned. Things could get very scary.


Those who know how to pray must keep this man and his lovely family in their prayers daily.


  • Kameika Julien said:

    I disagree with many things in this article and the whole situation. I believe everyone is spending to much time focusing on his colour. The fact is the person who was better equipped to run the country won. I am not a Obama supporter but Romney was not ready. I believe it is better to treat people how to fish than give them fish. I don’t believe the government is entitled to provide food and shelter for you. We are to “till” to live. Isn’t that what the bible says. If a storm comes and you didn’t have the proper insurance on your home to cover damages; that’s not the governments fault. Last thing, your comment about the woman who hit her husband being illiterate is a vast generalization. The nature of the crime does not dictate intelligence. Some of the smartest people have been know to be serial killers. She just had an emotional reaction to a tragic moment in her life. Not saying I would do it but fear does crazy things to even educated people.

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    Thursday November 15 at 9:33 am
  • GW said:

    Kameika, I bet you the woman who run over her husband is illiterate and if not she is an idiot. I also wonder where you get this knowledge that some of the smartest people are known to be serial killers. Serial killers are sick demented people with basic animalistic instincts. You may not like Obama, maybe for the same reasons as Donald Trump or the guys on Fox network but it is a good thing when a human being cares about another and especially when that human being is the leader. I do agree with Mr. Auguste this kind of hatred is scary.

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    Tuesday November 20 at 8:57 pm

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