Guyana records highest rice exports in country’s history

By Admin Wednesday October 01 2014 in Caribbean
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GEORGETOWN: Guyana says it will export an estimated 400,000 tons of rice by the end of this year, the highest ever in the country’s history.


Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy said after many troubling years, Guyana now has the potential to emerge as the bread basket of the Caribbean and that while efforts are being made to cap imports, the country is increasing exports.


Dr. Ramsammy said that by the end of this month, Guyana will have recorded 400,000 tons of rice exports, noting that plans to export 500,000 was once pegged as impossible for CARICOM countries individually and collectively.


He said this target is now within Guyana’s reach.


“We are trying to attain that export figure this year and even if we fall short we will be within arm’s length of 500,000 tons,” said Ramsammy. “In October, we should be firmly in place with our export arrangements to Panama and to other new destinations.”


Guyana is hoping to export approximately 25,000 tons of rice to Panama this year.


Meanwhile, Guyana says it will soon be harvesting its first large-scale corn and soya crops. At least two plots of about 10 acres of corn and about 22.5 acres of soya will be harvested in October.

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