Grenada union upset over worker dismissals

By Admin Wednesday December 11 2013 in Caribbean
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ST. GEORGE’S: The Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) has accused the British telecommunication company, LIME, of violating the island’s employment legislation after it terminated the services of an unqualified number of workers under the guise that their posts were being made redundant.


TAWU president general, Chester Humphrey, said that since last year, his union had informed the Ministry of Labour of the situation and that no meeting had been held with the incumbent ministers to resolve the issue. The workers will end their employment on December 13.


“These workers are being retrenched or made redundant by the company but these same positions are really being outsourced to another company, so it means that the positions are not really becoming redundant as defined in the collective agreement nor the law,” said Humphrey, who described the company’s actions as “unfair and wrongful to workers”.


Humphrey said he disagreed with the position adopted by the company that redundancy was part of its strategy to deal with a high labour force.


“These jobs are not redundant, they are outsourcing them, they still exist and this we think is unfair and wrongful, these workers are being dismissed unfairly and wrongfully,” he said. “The Employment Act also provides guidelines for dismissing a worker and if you look at it you will also realize that the company is also violating the law and that is why we need to discuss this matter with the Ministry of Labour.”


LME country manager, Angus Steele, did not provide details regarding the move to sever ties with the workers and defended the decision to outsource work by the company, which he said had been going on since 2001.


“As such, it’s nothing new to us and nothing different to any international organization that continues to manage its cost to ensure it remains sustainable and in improving on the delivery of service to customers,” he said.

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