Grenada to hold a referendum on CCJ

By Admin Wednesday April 03 2013 in Caribbean
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ST. GEORGE’S: Grenada will hold a referendum in two years to decide on its relationship with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean announced last week.


Addressing the ceremonial opening of the new Parliament since the February 19 general elections, Sir Carlyle said that the Constitution Reform Committee would be reconstituted and given a two-year mandate, with the CCJ among its top priorities.


“My government is committed to constitutional reform,” said Sir Carlyle. “Within the first two years of this Administration, the Review Commission will be reconstituted and a referendum will be held. The areas of focus will include Grenada’s accession to the Caribbean Court of Justice as Grenada’s final appellate court.”


The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy Council, and also serves as an international tribunal interpreting the revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping.


While all member states have signed on to the original Jurisdiction of the CCJ, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize are signatories to the appellate jurisdiction.


In his address, Sir Carlyle said the government would also move to implement the Integrity in Public Life law which was enacted in 2007 and came into force on July 1, 2008.


“Regrettably, almost five years later, the Integrity Commission has not yet commenced operations,” he said. “My government will move swiftly to activate the Integrity Commission. As a first step, all members of my government will declare their assets, liabilities and income. My government fully expects all other members of Parliament to follow this example.”


The head of state said that in order to minimize further delays in the functioning of the Integrity Commission, the government will invite the Commission to consider a phased approach to its operations.


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