Give the gift of life by being an organ donor

By Admin Friday March 02 2012 in Health
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One organ donor can save up to eight lives and enhance the lives of as many as 75 others through tissue donation.



A beating heart, strong lungs, a healthy liver or functioning kidneys can save the life of someone in the end stages of terminal disease.



A pancreas transplant can cure diabetes and eliminate the need for insulin shots.



A small bowel transplant can relieve a patient of the need to be fed intravenously.



A sight-restoring corneal transplant can give someone the gift of sight and help them return to work or school.



Donated skin can mean the difference between life and death for firefighters and other burn survivors.



Donated heart valves used to replace diseased or damaged valves can give young children the chance to live a normal, healthy life.



Bone transplants return full mobility to patients of all ages, allowing them to resume active hobbies and live independently.



Unfortunately, there is a chronic shortage of organs and tissues. There are more than 1,500 people on the waiting list in Ontario right now, and the need continues to outweigh supply.



A signed card isn’t enough. If you would like to become a registered organ and tissue donor, or you are unsure of your status, visit or register in person at a Service Ontario centre to confirm that your wishes are recorded in a secure Ontario database.



For more information, visit You never know when your family might be called on to make a decision that will save lives.

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