Candice Bromfield
Candice Bromfield

Former Miss Jamaica contestant ahead of her class

By Admin Wednesday September 11 2013 in Entertainment
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When it comes to striving for excellence and higher education, Candice Bromfield is always at the head of the line ready to grasp an opportunity.


The former Miss Jamaica World contestant was one of three Canadians enrolled in the 2012-13 Henley full-time MBA program that provides candidates with the skills, knowledge and strength to secure their place among the next generation of outstanding business professionals and leaders.


Bromfield, who won a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee full academic scholarship to pursue her MBA, spent 11 months on the university’s campus in Reading, England, before returning home last July to complete her dissertation to be submitted on September 23.


She was among 22 program participants representing 13 nationalities.


“The experience expanded my mind in ways that are unimaginable,” said Bromfield who plans to return to England in December for the graduation. “I was working with people from around the world who hold high-level positions in their countries and spoke different languages. It was a big learning curve for me and this program will certainly open doors for me and give me the best options to make a difference in society.”


A top 10 finisher in the 2003 Miss Jamaica World pageant, Bromfield arrived in the Greater Toronto Area a few months later after winning an entrance scholarship from the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica to study communications at McMaster University.


She made the Dean’s Honour List in her four years at McMaster. She also made history by becoming the first Black communications studies teacher’s assistant.


“As a young girl, I have always assumed leadership roles, so to be able to be given an opportunity to help students on the way up was just an extension of what I was already doing,” she said.


Bromfield chose McMaster over the University of Toronto and the University of Guelph.


“For me, it came to the fact that I felt comfortable on that campus and it’s consistently ranked as one of Canada’s top universities,” she said. “I was sold on those two things.”


Graduating with an impressive 4.0 GPA from Sheridan College’s prestigious corporate communications program for post-graduate students, Bromfield spent some time working as an on-air personality with a local radio station before heading to England a year ago.


The recipient of several awards, including the Canadian Public Relations Society Pinnacle Award and a Canada House of Commons honour, Bromfield relishes mentoring young women and judging pageants.


“I just love pageants,” she said. “They bring you out of your comfort zone and raise your confidence level. “When I competed 10 years ago, I was still young and not yet in university. Nobody likes to lose and I felt heart broken when I didn’t win because I was led to believe that I was the favourite. Sometimes you have to lose to win and I have benefited immensely from that experience in that many doors have opened in front of me.”


Two weeks ago, Bromfield met Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a Conservative Party barbecue in Don Mills.


  • nadinew said:

    You epitomize my favorite saying, EDUCATION and not PIGMENTATION determines the heights to which we soar. Keep soaring….I’m proud a yuh mi fellow yawdie!

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