Former Grenada PM criticized in wake of election loss

By Admin Wednesday February 27 2013 in Caribbean
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ST. GEORGE’S: In the wake of last week’s general elections, former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been severely criticized in Grenadian newspapers.


The NDC lost all 15 seats, including St. Patrick’s East, where Thomas was the incumbent and St. George North East, where then finance minister and deputy NDC leader, Nazim Burke, was seeking a third consecutive parliamentary term. The NDC was ousted from power after only one term.


Dr. Keith Mitchell has returned as prime minister after losing the position when his New National Party (NNP) was swept from office in 2008 by the NDC.


Surveys of potential voters before the elections suggested that the NDC was likely to lose at the polls.


The New Today, usually a critic of Dr. Mitchell and the NNP, congratulated him and his party on the election victory.


“The New Today is calling on all Grenadians to respect the decision taken by the vast majority of those who voted in the election to place all 15 seats in the hands of the NNP,” the paper said in an editorial. “The NDC will have to do its own soul-searching in due course and engage the populace to find answers to important questions such as the factors responsible for the clean sweep by the NNP and the reasons for the loss in key strongholds such as St. George North East, South St. George and St. David.”


Former politician, Dr. Terrence Marryshow, in a commentary in the Grenada Informer, said the first task of the NNP government “must be directed at uniting the people after what has been a most fractious campaign. They must give all the people the assurance and the confidence that, despite the support of some for the other party, it is – and will be – a government of all of the people”.


Former NDC minister, Arley Gill, who was fired by Thomas, said the former prime minister has “reaped the harvest that he himself cultivated” by promoting division and playing favouritism within the party.


“The leader treated some members of his cabinet better than others; and took sides rather than standing up and leading with impartiality,” said Gill in a commentary in Caribupdate Weekly.


“By the way, I am extremely happy that Nazim Burke lost his St. George North East seat,” said Gill, who urged Grenada to be patient and support the new government led by Mitchell.


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